Overview A small description


  • a solution developed by RMS.lu for large-scale power consumption and other building analyses
  • works with cable and battery free devices as they are already used, for example, in several of the largest and most modern buildings in the world
  • is cloud based: accessible from anywhere at any time. Nonetheless, you may download your data for further use
  • supports all common browsers, all device types, and each device class
  • provides a comprehensive and educationally valuable preparation of data
  • helps i.a. to save power, to monitor air quality, analyze user behavior and to optimize the operating costs


  • Easy installation → Plug & Play
  • An unlimited number of parallel measurements are possible
  • System is designed to work autonomous from any other network than its own
  • Encrypted connections and highest possible security for your data
  • Non invasive. There is no need to change the client infrastructure
  • Clear, comprehensible and zoomable charts
  • All your data is available for download in a csv format


  • Any consumers up to 16A each
  • Three-phase power measurement
  • Status of windows / doors
  • Presence
  • Temperature / brightness / humidity
  • CO2 / VOC
  • And many more …
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